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Xara z Jukasu
Czech Working Line

CMKU Working Line, Xara is an imported female from Czech Republic. She is daughter of  Bordy Blendy, 2nd place of World Champion at the 2019 WUSV, and a top IGP sport dog who has competed many times on international level. She is very smart and sweet girl. She is an absolute joy to have with us. Xara is normally a calm and relaxed dog, but when in drive she is something.
Excellent nose, very full and hard bite, and extremely fast and agile. 

Fiba von Wendelin
Working Line German Shepherd
HD Good, ED Normal, DM N/N, DNA Gepr.
  • SIRE: V Zako-Max z Jirkova dvora ZVV3, IPO3, HD/ED Normal, DM N/N
  • DAM: Hakova von Wendelin IGP 3, HD/ED Normal, DM N/N

Fiba is a very playful and relaxed dog. She is an amazing mother and loves to be around you and other dogs, she is wonderful with kids as well. Fiba listens to your commands quickly and enjoys going on hikes and to play with toys. It's a pleasure to have Fiba with us. She is very smart and agile.

Hany vom Team Kumils
Black German Shepherd Working Line
HD/ED Normal, DM N/N, IGP1, DNA
           HD-A  ED-0 IGP1 DNA DM N/N
            HD/ED Normal DNA ​

Hany is working line German Shepherd female with numerous Champions within her pedigree, nice expression, correctly proportioned build with great angled hindquarters, good top line, nicely pigmented, solid temperament and great genetic health from both parents. She is a powerful female that is courageous and confident, she is excellent with kids and adults. She is a very loyal and obedient female that is always trying to please anyone that has the pleasure to work and play with her!​

Hana Hard Heart von Isidra
Working line German Shepherd

HD/ED Normal, IGP1, DNA Gepr.



Hana is an intelligent and sweet dog, she likes to be with you all day long. Hana loves to play fetch and other games, but she also knows when to stop. She is a great dog with great character. Every dog wants to be her friend. 

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