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Working Line German Shepherd


SV HD A Normal, ED SV Normal, IPO1, 

DM N/N, DNA Gepr.

CMKU Working Line, Xara is an imported female from Czech Republic. She is daughter of  Bordy Blendy, 2nd place of World Champion at the 2019 WUSV, and a top IGP sport dog who has competed many times on international level. She is very smart and sweet girl. She is an absolute joy to have with us.   Xara is normally a calm and relaxed dog, but when in drive she is something.
Excellent nose, very full and hard bite, and extremely fast and agile. 


HD/ED Normal, IGP1, DNA Gepr.

  • SIRE: D-Rico HD/ED Normal, IGP1, DNA Gepr.

  • DAM: Viki HD/ED Normal, DNA Gepr.

K-VIKI is an imported Czech female. She is extremely loyal to her people and has lots of drive and energy. She is a very confident dog, nothing phases her. Her natural disposition is a very friendly, and she enjoys being the center of attention. The nice thing about her is that she does have an off switch. She can relax and be calm inside of our home when we have to leave or cannot focus on her, but when it's time to work, play, or go places she is always full of enthusiasm.

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