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Nuri vom Haus Milesevac

V2 (Hun Sieger), IPO1, BH, Kkl1 Lbz, HD normal, ED normal, DNA.

  •  Sire: VA3 Cronos del Seprio IPO3, Kkl1, BH, DNA, HD normal, ED normal. 

  •  Dam: SG Uma vom Haus Milesevac IPO1, DNA, HD, ED ​

Nuri is one of our top producers. At Hungary Sieger Show 2019 she got 2nd place V2 at Working Dog Class Female. Really good red pigment. Daughter's of father VA3. Nuri is sweet, confident, smart female. She is inquisitive- constantly tilting her head from one side to the other, and loves to be in the thick of the action during play times.

Champion West German Shepherd Dog


HD Normal, ED Normal, DNA

   Katana is a superior German Shepherd female with numerous World Champions within her pedigree, nice expression, correctly proportioned build with great angled hindquarters, good top line, nicely pigmented, solid temperament and great genetic health from both parents. She is a powerful female that is courageous and confident, she is excellent with kids and adults. She is a very loyal and obedient female that is always trying to please anyone that has the pleasure to work and play with her!

Her father is VA4 ITA Falco von Farhantal IPO2 Kkl passed and G-fathers 

VA1 Wikky von Farhantal IPO1, and 2X VA1 (BSZS & USA) Schumann von Tronje IPO2 two times World Champion!

Katana - German Shepherd Female


IGP1, HD Normal, ED Normal, DNA.

A kind, confident, and smart  female. An import from royal European lines. She is sweet and loves attention. She has amazing colors and proper posture. She loves to play, she is often found next to a toy waiting for someone to play. She has amazing temperament and loves to be petted. She is very loyal and responds when you call her. She is very good with kids and adults alike. She is an absolute joy to have with us, she is the kids favorite.


Saya is a sweet female who likes to be in the middle of the fun. She is the kind of female that you can bring with you anywhere and she will be loyal and have a great time! With a sporty structure and tight coat, she is a great dog that could keep up with an athletic activity all day, but is still calm and collected in the house.

Lea S_edited.jpg

Lea Starodurdevacka

HD Normal, ED Normal, DNA.

Lea is the most wonderful and calm female, she is very smart, and her bold personality makes her a perfect female. She loves to be cuddled. She often follows you around to be cuddled, and she also loves to play with other dogs, kids, and pups. She is a very sweet and caring mom, she enjoys spending time with her pups. She is very friendly but she is also protective when she needs to be. It is a pleasure to have her around.

Our Females

Imported from royal European lines

Nuri vom Haus Milesevac
Katana - German Shepherd Female
German Shepherd
Katana - German Shepherd Female
Gasolina - German Shepherd Female
Gasolina - German Shepherd Female
Gasolina - German Shepherd
West German Shepherd
West German Shepherd
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